Aziz AlNasrallah is a singer-songwriter and comedian and the artist behind the ABADKWT comedy sketches. Hailing from Kuwait City, however his upbringing goes much further beyond that.

At the early age of 7, Aziz AlNasrallah began flute lessons and gradually learned how to play the guitar, piano and the Arabic instrument, the oud. After years of practice on his instrumentals and honing in on his vocal skills, Aziz launched his career as a freelance musician at 16 years old.

When he went to college, he put his music career on hold and studied marketing and fashion promotion – an alternative artistic route. However, he realized quickly that he wanted to take his chances with his passion in the music industry rather than go down a safe path in school.


“I’m a child at heart and my work reflects just that.”


We live in a time where people from the Middle East need to speak up and introduce themselves to a world that has many misconceptions about them,” he said. “I feel like I can express that and promote understanding with a universal language I am already fluent in: music.”

Today, Aziz AlNasrallah focuses his efforts on Arabic pop and jazz and he cites his main musical influences as Alan Menken, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and traditional Kuwaiti music.

When making music, he’s constantly influenced by magic. He creates Arabic music that anyone from anywhere in the world can listen to and understand.

“I am still a child at heart and my music reflects just that.”

In the future, Aziz AlNasrallah hopes to remain true to himself with his music and continue supporting causes he’s passionate about, such as women’s rights in the Middle East, education, and bridging the gap between East and West